We strive for personal and compassionate care of our Care Center residents with a top-notch knowledgeable staff.

Read what families have to say about our Care Center:

“Our loved one has been at Atrium Villages Care Center for 5 years.  He wanted to move here because he liked that it is a smaller facility and has a more caring and gentle atmosphere.  He has received excellent care while living here.  The staff is so friendly, they care about the residents and their family.  They get to know us and take great care in making everyone comfortable.  It’s really first-rate!  Plus, there is a nice variety of activities; the activities Director does a great job keeping residents interest in mind.  There are also good meals and they celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.  I would recommend Atrium Village because of the great care that is given, and because it is a smaller facility which provides personal, loving care to residents and their families and is very clean and comfortable. The staff is very devoted to us and our loved ones living here!”

The Schenk Family


“In 2013 mom and dad moved to Atrium Village because of family in the area and dad has 2 sisters who live in the apartments.  Since dad is now in the care center and mom is in an apartment, it is so nice that they can still live under one roof.  Dad is wheelchair bound so he likes that Atrium Village will take him and mom out in the van to tour the area.  Last Christmas the Maintenance Supervisor even came in on his day off to transport dad to a family Christmas celebration.  He cared that much that dad could attend!  Mom and dad also enjoy going to daily mass in the chapel.  Our experience with Atrium Village has been very favorable.  The staff is friendly, the building is clean (the care center does not smell!).  The nurses are wonderful, and the staff did an awesome job in pairing dad and his roommate together! The residents on the apartment side all look out for one another.  I think the best word that describes Atrium Village is “family”.”

The Ruth Family


“To all the nurses at Atrium Village,

We thank you for all your professional care. We look forward to seeing you every day.”

The Jennings Family


“We appreciate:

-The personal care provided to our parents

-The interest you show in them and their background

-The attention given to their medical and emotional needs

-The importance you give to their appearance and hygiene

-The encouragement and support you give to them and our family!”

The Smalley Family


“We chose the Atrium Village Care Center for our mom because of its Iowa values, great location and great people.  Our experience with Atrium Village has been very pleasant, positive and reassuring.  The people that help her are very nice and caring individuals.”

The Christiansen Family


“I love all the nurses at Atrium Village, they do a great job and take great care of the residents. They all do a super job!”



“Thanks to all your staff for your hard work and devotion.”

Fern and Jack S.



Letter to the Editor in the Iowa City Press-Citizen:

My mother is living at Atrium Village in Hills. My mom’s brother and wife moved here from Texas. It’s hard for my uncle to get around.

Atrium Village has a guy working there named is Steve Emerson. He heard that my uncle really wanted to go to his family Christmas. He didn’t even bat a eye and volunteered to take him. He is always there doing wonderful things for the people who live there. It was his regular day off. What a wonderful guy to go above and beyond. Atrium Village are truly blessed to have such great workers.

Donna Arthur, Ainsworth


Read what our Apartment Residents have to say about living at Atrium Village:

“My husband and I decided to move here so we can be together under one roof; I live in an apartment and he lives in the care center.  There isn’t another place that makes it so handy.  Atrium Village is the best place to be at our ages – we love being here!  It’s s nice that everyone here is so helpful with anything I might need.  I feel very safe, I have help here if needed 24-7.  The staff is helpful and lovable.  I feel very comfortable and peaceful living here.   I love the activities, and the van rides for the care center residents are great.  It is wonderful to be able to attend mass everyday here, we have a beautiful chapel and St. Joseph’s Church is right next to Atrium Village – wonderful!  Atrium Village is just like your own home.  We are very satisfied living here and feel close to everyone and everyone makes you feel loved!”

Gerry and Jack L.


“Atrium Village is truly my home.  I have lived here now for 10 years, after moving from my farm.  I came here since I knew several people who retired here.  Living at Atrium Village gives me a feeling of serenity.  My children are happy too since I am safe and don’t have to deal with scary weather conditions.   I really appreciate that I can go to daily mass here and that I am taken to the grocery store every week.  The use of the dining room for family gatherings is a bonus.  Plus, my newspaper is delivered to my door!  I also appreciate the housekeeping service and the entertainment programs.  People might be surprised how nice it is here!”

Mary H.


“I moved into Atrium Village in December of 2010.  Now I have less worries and responsibilities.  I find living here is very relaxing.  It is a small complex so everyone cares about each other and we look out for each other; it’s like family.  I moved here to lessen the burden of my children having to help us do chores like mowing the lawn, shoveling, etc.  What I gained was companionship with other residents and I staying busy with all the activities offered.  Our Activities Director does a good job! I enjoy living at Atrium Village and think others would too.”

Rita J.


“Since moving to here, I feel relaxed.  My children chose Atrium Village for me and I am glad they did; I really enjoy my new friends and the staff is very good.  My experience living at Atrium Village is good and my life is much easier now.  And I enjoy all the activities offered.”

Viola L.


“My husband and I moved here in June of 2013.  Now that my husband has moved to the care center and I am still in the apartment, it is very handy that I can visit him anytime.  It is so nice that we can still be together, it’s wonderful to have security in aging.  Atrium Village goes out of their way to please everyone, all of the staff is friendly.  I love that our birthdays and anniversaries are remembered and I like it when they greet me using my first name!  I have enjoyed meeting friendly people our age and continuing activities so as not to get bored.  By living here, I am able to relax and enjoy life!”

Dorris and Bob R.


“Living at Atrium Village has been the easiest, most carefree living I have ever had!  I feel contentment and security living here and am so happy; my family is double-so, it eases their minds that I am somewhere safe. The staff in every department is always helpful – not a sour face or belligerent attitude at any time – ever!  They are accommodating, professional, friendly and caring.  I really enjoy exercise class and the Nu-Step machine.  I also like the visiting musicians that stop by, bingo and birthday & holiday celebrations.  I would recommend Atrium Village for its size, atmosphere, affordability and the quiet neighborhood.  It has been a very positive experience for me!”

Betty T.


“I chose to move to Atrium Village for the price and peaceful quiet location.  The apartments are roomy with lots of storage space.  I love the availability of guest rooms at a very reasonable cost for my visiting family to stay in.  I appreciate that Atrium Village is less expensive to live in than most places.  When I moved in, there was so much help, my pictures were even hung and I was helped with every little problem.  The staff is very friendly and helpful.  They are available for assistance with even minor issues.  The food that is served is also very good and appetizing.  The salads are very nutritious and tasty.  I like the activities and appreciate that I can participate, but am not made to feel that I have to attend.  I also appreciate the privacy my apartment offers me.  Now that I live at Atrium Village I do not worry about my future.  I am more peaceful, it feels like home.”

Elsa W.


“I moved to Atrium Village 5 years ago, so my husband could get the care he needed in the long term care while I stayed conveniently close in an apartment so I could be near him.  Atrium Village was the perfect place for me to remain independent in an apartment yet be with my husband in the care center.  I would recommend it to anyone in the same situation.  I have enjoyed the beautiful view from my apartment, going for walks on the nice paved sidewalks outside and living with others and enjoying their humor about aging.  I like the activities because they bring us all together socially, making it easy to get acquainted.” 

Dorothy H.


“Nine years ago, I moved here after serving on the Board of Directors for Atrium Village. I wanted to live here because Atrium Village is the tops!  I love how the activities bring people together and I particularly love the exercise classes.  The staff is great here as well.  I am very content!”

Marie M.


“I moved to Atrium Village over 7 years ago, because it was close to my home, reasonable in price, other relatives have lived here and liked it very much (as do I) and all the conveniences offered.  Atrium Village offers grocery shopping trips, takes me to dr.’s appointments, and delivers my mail to my mailbox (I can mail out from here as well).  A hairdresser is on-site, they provide a meal every day, and housekeeping and linen service as well.  Atrium Village also provides good maintenance for my apartment, and have guest rooms available when my family visits. Plus, I have security!  I like the choice of activities as well.  They are varied, which is good, and you can participate in what you enjoy or go home and do personal chores if you’d rather!  I have enjoyed making friends with other residents, helping each other out and enjoying fellowship.  There are a lot of advantages of living at Atrium Village: ample space in the apartments, a nearby church, post office and other places for activities such as a ball park and restaurant.  Living here has changed my life in that I have less work than when I lived alone on a farm, which I did for many years.  Moving here was the best thing I ever did!”

Marian P.


“I appreciate that when I needed care in the extended care facility, the care from the nurses and all the help was excellent.  Dr. Champion even told me how clean the air was when he came to check on me in the care center – no odors at all.”

Paul S.


“My husband and I moved to Atrium Village because the price was good, and the people seemed so friendly and common and so did the staff.   The staff is very considerate and willing to do extra things for the residents.  They would take my husband to dialysis once a week when he needed it.  The price here is low, yet it is so nice!  That is one reason I would recommend moving here.  Also the activities offered, the security and the housekeeping, plus weekly trips to the grocery store.  What I like best about the activities is that you can participate if you want to or not.  Seeing Lyle Beaver is special along with the other entertainment that comes.  I enjoy all the special things Atrium Village does.  I also appreciate the daily meal we are served, free cable tv and washer & dryer.  All of the staff is so helpful, and so are the other residents.  Friendly too.  Living here has given me some needed freedom.”

Donna B.


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