Paul Bunyon Day

We celebrated Paul Bunyan, the giant lumberjack known for hacking his way through America’s forests, and shaping many mountains, lakes and rivers along the way.




We had a menu that Paul and his big blue ox, Babe, would be proud of.


Then we had fun with some masks! 

And finished the day with a game of Tic-Tac-Toe!



We are lucky to have the Bookmobile coming to Atrium Village!

The Iowa City Public Library Bookmobile will be stopping here the second Friday of every month.

Two librarians are on board, available to assist with your library card, checking in & returning books, and suggesting good books to read.

Our staff, residents and community members really enjoyed the first visit.




The Bookmobile is open to the public, so be sure to stop by!

Upcoming visits will be March 13th, April 10th and May 8th.



Meet Oliver

Hi, my name is Oliver!


I come every week to with my owner, Dr. Eberly.  He is the Atrium Village Medical Director.


I love the hugs I get from the employees and residents at Atrium Village! 


It’s hard work being an assistant to the Medical Director, but I love it!  See you next week!



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