Jazz Concert in Front of Atrium Village

We had the distinct pleasure of enjoying an amazing concert from seasoned jazz professionals, right in front of our building!



Thanks to Dick Watson on piano, Ray Blue (https://www.rayblue.com/) on saxophone, and Blake Shaw on the upright bass.


Dick’s daughter, Eve, sang a little too! 

Care center residents enjoyed the concert through the window.





















Apartment residents gathered outside to enjoy, while a few listened through the window on this breezy morning!

Meet Earl & Ollie



We had a couple very special visitors at Atrium Village!

Prairie Patch Farm was so kind to bring over two llamas, Ollie and Earl.


This is Ollie


This is Earl












They visited the Care Center residents through the windows.


Then Earl and Ollie went to the Atrium to visit with our Apartment residents.
























They love to give kisses!







And here is the best part! Check out how the llamas travel on this video ~ they travel by mini-van!!

The Adventures of Buddy Bear


We decided to go camping this weekend!  So we set up our tent and started a camp fire.  But we were in for a surprise, because as we settled down for s’mores and ghost stories, looked who sneaked into our tent! 

Our brave employee, 

Holly, caught the intruder!






It was a cute little bear named Buddy! Buddy Bear was very sweet and Buddy and Holly quickly became friends. Since Buddy Bear already had a protective shield on, Holly showed Buddy Bear around Atrium Village and introduced Buddy to some of the residents. 



Buddy Bear met our Director of Nursing, Betty, with a friendly elbow bump.   

Buddy then visited the office. 

Then Buddy Bear went back to our campsite and hung out with the staff and roasted some marshmallows.

Oh no Buddy Bear, don’t touch the fire! 

Silly Buddy Bear!


A Visit from The Duke on Father’s Day


It’s Father’s Day and John Wayne stopped over to wish all of our father’s a happy day!


He visited with staff and all of the resident’s.


He was nice enough to help deliver root beer floats, served in cowboy boots, to all of the resident’s.










Thanks, Duke, for making it a fun day for all!


Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway – John Wayne

Mother’s Day Flowers from Elvis!

We had a special Mothers Day this year despite the COVID-19 virus!

Elvis stopped by and donned his PPE to help deliver flowers to all the mom’s in the care center and apartments.


Thanks to Girl Scout Troop 1304 from Hills Elementary.  Leader Cassie Putney and her daughter, Maddie, brought the flowers on behalf of the troop, to give to all the mom’s.

The beautiful arrangements came from Julie’s Fountain of Flowers in Lone Tree.


The Girl Scouts also made cards for the residents. 



Elvis did need a little help making his way through the building and handing out the flowers!

He really loved all the pretty flowers in our Atrium!

Prayer Service, Sidewalk Style

In these unprecedented times, communities have become creative.

Since we cannot have Mass in our chapel right now, Father Mike Spiekermeier and Carol Kaalberg were kind enough to come over for an outdoor prayer service at the front of our building.

Apartment residents lined the sidewalk and Care Center residents sat at their windows.







Scripture was read, prayers were recited and hymns were sung.

Thanks Father Mike and Carol, it lifted our spirits!

The Easter Bunny Hopped in to Help!

Easter was pretty quiet this year as we continue to take all necessary precautions to keep everyone safe.


We were lucky enough though, to have the Easter Bunny stop by (shhh..don’t tell anyone that it was our Activities Director, Paula).  We made sure she wore her bunny issued PPE!



The Easter Bunny was nice enough to help hand out  lunch trays! 



Then the Easter Bunny visited with many of our residents.





Easter Parade

Such a great day we had, when the community of Hills and Atrium Village friends and family drove by our facility with decorated cars and love in their hearts, to say Happy Easter to our residents!  The Easter Bunny even came to say hi!


Jazz Concert!

We had the pleasure of having three amazing jazz musicians play for us last weekend!



Dick Watson was on piano, Beldon Bullock played bass guitar, and Ray Blue was on saxophone.

The performance was funded by The Jazz Foundation of America, which makes music programs possible in schools and nursing homes.


A big thanks to the foundation and musicians for entertaining us!

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