Nursing Home Week Day Two: Farmer Day!

Today we celebrate farmers!

We all brought our straw hats to wear.


















Terry, our Director of Nursing, wore her overalls!





Our little friends from Kinderfarm Preschool visited in the afternoon to help plant sunflower seeds with the care center residents.












We finished the day with more friends – of the furry and feathered variety!  Farm animals such as pigs, a horse, dogs, goats and a chicken and rabbit were here.

Princess the Chicken
Piggies with no names – let’s call them Tator Tot and Spot!
Goats Trudie and mom Gertie
Nurse Julie with daughter Rachel and Rex the Bunny
Peanut the Miniature Horse










Sandy and Tink
Jack and Sparky







Dietary Aide Rachel and Dory

Apartment resident, Donna, had this great picture of her and her Grand Champion Steer! 





We also had a couple tractors, since it wouldn’t be Farm Day without them!



Watch this video to see how the two little pigs arrived!  They rode over two miles down the highway like this!



Thanks to everyone who brought in animals and tractors!



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