Atrium Improvement

There was a lot of noise coming out of our atrium for a little while, but it was well worth it!









There was some settling of our sidewalks over the years, so we tore out our old cement and poured new.      












They used a concrete pump to reach over the apartments to pour the cement in the atrium.  It was quite a sight!








   The Crew worked hard, into the evenings and over a weekend.











We now have perfectly level sidewalks to walk on while enjoying our pretty flowers in the atrium!

Happy Halloween!

Boo!  Happy Halloween everybody!  Our Care Center staff looked spooktacular today!!

         Beckie, Shelby, Maddie, Lisa, Holly & Jane

      Hills Elementary in their spooky costumes



         Waiting for the kids to show up

     CNA Shelby handing out candy

Town children collecting their loot

A furry trick or treater getting some candy in our care enter

















We had many tricksters and treaters stop by from Hills School in the afternoon and then town kids in the evening.





























Fall is Here

Look at our beautiful pumpkin display in front of our building!

Thanks to Charlotte Thomann for bringing and arranging the pumpkins.  And thanks also to Darlene Schott for bringing some festive pumpkins for the front of our building as well.

Stop by to check them out!


Old Farmers Day Picnic

We had a picnic to celebrate Old Farmer’s Day.  Old Farmer’s Day is a national day that is celebrated as a throwback to sustainable farming and farming practices of the old days. The month of October was chosen for this holiday since, traditionally during this time, the harvest would be mostly complete and farmers could take a break from their labors to enjoy this celebration.

Volunteer, Randy, grilled up over 70 hamburgers


For our picnic, we grilled hamburgers outside, despite the cold. We served them with baked beans, macaroni salad, potato chips, cookies and ice tea and lemonade.  Care Center families joined us as well.  It was a fun (and yummy) way to celebrate farming the old fashioned way.



Shout Out to our Amazing Dietary Staff!


Cook, Michelle, with our State Fair Day food



It is National Health Care Food Service Week, so we want to say a big THANK YOU to our dietary staff.


Aide, Olga, helping at Ragbrai

They do a great job cooking, baking and serving our residents.  Plus they always step up for special events, such as ragbrai.





Thanks again for all you do!

Rachel, Laura, Michelle, Ashley & Olga

Dietary Supervisor, Amanda


Aide, Rachel, ready to work in the Care Center

Thanks to Dietary Staff not pictured: Anita, Alli, Abby, Emily, Jared & Josh.

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