Go Team! It’s Iowa vs. Iowa State!


It’s that time of year again – Iowa vs. Iowa State!  The great football rivalry continues!

We decided to put on our black & gold and red & gold and have a tailgate party!

Hawkeye fans Beckie, Tracy & Anita with proud cyclone Kristine




We had little smokies in barbecue sauce, crackers, cheese and spinach dip, and chips & salsa, and iced tea & lemonade to drink.  Your choice of hawkeye or cyclone plate and napkin!



We had a couple contests as well.  See how well you do:


               Answers are below!



(Answers:   1. 1894 – October 1st, Iowa State won 16 to 8.     2. Iowa won 42 to    3.  Cy-Hawk Trophy    Number of kernals: 1800)



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