One Small Step For Man…


How did you celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon Landing?  On June 20th, 1969 Neil Armstrong was the first man to step foot on the moon’s surface.


We remembered the achievement of the Apollo 11 crew by crafting our very own moons (complete with Neil Armstrong, the Lunar Module “Eagle” and the American flag!)


We enjoyed a little space trivia and ate some space-y oreos!










We had a Hawaiian Luau, complete with lei’s, tropical drinks and snacks, and a professional ukulele player, Tom Nothnagle!  It was a lot of fun and we took some great pictures of the party.  Check them out!


We enjoyed an inter-active program on butterfly’s in the Care Center.



Thank you to  Carolyn and Mike Murphy from the Iowa State University Master Gardner Program, for taking the time to come here and share their knowledge of butterflies!


Casino Day

Our last day of Nursing Home Week is Casino Day!

We set up a casino in the Care Center, complete with Black Jack and a Slot Machine!


Thanks to our Hills Bank volunteers that helped out!



We ended the afternoon with a yummy “mock-tale”.

Today we are “Living Soulfully”

Living Soulfully is the National theme for Nursing Home Week.  For this day we decided to live a little silly.  So we got some funny props and posed for some pictures!


































We also took turns being “Uncle Sam”.



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